Opening Fall 2017, BAM! is excited to announce it will open its newest group attraction...Escape Rooms!

What Is An Escape Room?

Decked out with props, pictures, furniture, etc to resemble a lab or an office (or some other theme), an Escape Room is approximately 250 square feet. BAM! will have four rooms, each with a different theme and mission. A group of 4-6 people will be given a complex mission to solve. Clues to accomplish this mission are hidden throughout the room. These clues are brain teasers and could involve words, numbers, similar objects, pictures and props. Plus, there's a lot of useless items in the room. The group must work together to determine what are puzzles or clues, and what items are unusable. The group must solve these brain teasers in the right order to unlock more clues and eventually solve the mission in 60 minutes or less.

A moderator will introduce the mystery, rules and a few tips. Then during play, this moderator will monitor the room from an audio/video camera, and players can ask the moderator for up to 3 hints.

An Escape Room party makes a great company outing because people approach problem solving differently and it's interesting to see how they communicate and work together. The details about age and number of people will be different, but here is a video that gives a good overview of how an escape room works.

Check here to check out the Holland Sentinel article about our newest attraction.