Company Parties

Corporate Parties & Special Events Everyone Can Enjoy!

It’s amazing how a small "Thank You," such as hosting a great party, can boost morale and improve productivity  with your employees. Large or small, BAM! hosts many company parties throughout the year, but our customized Company Parties are a truly a gift. BAM! is perfect, not only for employees, but also their families. You’re sure to see plenty of smiles and hear the great laughter when you have a party at BAM! Our party planners will work with you to create your most memorable company party ever. From activities to food and beverages, no detail is overlooked.

Choose from 2 private, upscale, party rooms!

Accommodates up to 65.

Bitty BAM! Suite
Accommodates up to 20.

Top 10 reasons why many successful businesses have bowling parties...

  • It's America's #1 Fun Outing - 2 times as many people bowl as play golf.
  • You don't have to be good at bowling to have FUN!
  • Family Friendly - they'll love to bring the kids & spouses to BAM!
  • Great way to boost morale because everyone can bowl! We are handicap accessible, and bumpers and ball ramps are available.
  • Planning is easy to do - give us a call and we'll do the rest.
  • Do it day or night, rain or shine. We'll even be your back-up plan, if weather spoils an outdoor event.
  • Even non-participants can attend and have fun!
  • We provide all the necessary equipment.
  • We have fun, non-traditional bowling games for groups that are not serious bowlers, but looking to add a little competition.