Donation Request Application | BAM! | Holland, MI

Donation Request

BAM! is proud to support community organizations in and around the Holland, Michigan area. To request a donation, please use the form agreement below.

BAM! requires that you fill out the below donation request form at least ONE MONTH (30 DAYS) prior to your event. All requests will be reviewed and agreed upon by the Management staff. If a donation is granted, you will be contacted via email. Your email is required and will not be used for any other means besides contacting you back about your donation request.

BAM! processes donation requests twice a month. We can NOT guarantee that your donation request will be reviewed unless you send it in 30 days prior to the event!  All granted donations will be either placed in a pickup box at front counter under the contact person’s name listed below or mailed to the address provided. Donations will only be mailed if you live 60 miles outside of Holland. You will then be notified via email when your request is ready for pickup or has been mailed.


Organizations, public and private, and individuals working on behalf of a non-profit event or group are allowed to submit two donation requests per calendar year. Donation amounts and/or packages are subject to the BAM!’s discretion. BAM! does not guarantee all requests will be honored, nor does the resort guarantee your donation will arrive by the event day. Applications will be evaluated on a first come, first serve basis.