Monte Carlo Monday

Mondays, 7pm

Sign-up Begins

at 6:30pm

Reservations Encouraged


Here's just a few ways to win!

  • If one colored pin is in front and you throw a real strike… You win $2
  • If a colored pin remains standing after your first ball and you get a spare… You win $1
  • If 3 colored pins are in the front 3 positions and you throw a real strike… You win $25

Fun, new ways to win money every week!

2 games of bowling & use of rental shoes only $20 for your chance to cash in!

Playing Monte Carlo Bowling is the quickest way to catch on to how it's played. The next best way is to watch our Facebook Live post.

Monte Carlo Rules & Details

  1. Must be 18 years old or older to play.
  2. Each lane will have 4 players, so if you don't want to bowl with strangers, bring some friends!
  3. Monte Carlo is played as a "9 Pin No Tap" game. Meaning, if you throw a 9 or a natural strike on your first ball, it will automatically count as a strike on the screen and it will then be the next bowler's turn.
  4. Each lane will have 3 Red Pins in the pin cycle. These Red Pins will be randomly placed on each lane by the machine itself. Depending on where the Red Pins are placed and how you bowl, you could win some cash!
  5. If one of the Red Pins is placed in the 1 pin position (AKA the head pin), and you bowl a natural strike (knocking down all 10 pins), you win $2 in cash.
  6. If you throw an 8 or less, you have an opportunity to pick up a spare for the frame. If one of your remaining pins is a Red Pin and you pick up the spare, you will receive $1 in cash.
  7. If ALL 3 Red Pins are in the same rack and in the 1, 2 and 3 pin positions (the front 3 pins), and you throw a natural strike, you will receive $25 in cash.

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