Trivia Nights | BAM! | Holland, MI

Trivia Nights

Trivia Nights will be canceled after March 16 until further notice due to COVID-19.

Held in BAM!'s newly remodeled BAM! Boozle Bar & Lounge, Trivia Nights are hosted, family-friendly live quiz game shows you play in a group for fun and prizes! A plethora of categories gives all team members their strong subject and ensures the useless knowledge stored away will finally be put to good use. Team size does not matter. Multiple nightly prizes of BAM! gift certificates will be awarded to the top teams each night. And it's free to play!

While competing, enjoy a 22 oz. draft of BAM's very own, brewed on-site, craft beer. There's also top-shelf cocktails, wine and an evolving menu that combine to cap off a fun-filled outing. Just down the hallway you can have fun bowling, playing laser tag or winning prizes in BAM's state-of-the-art arcade.