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Youth Programs

Saturdays, 9 – 11 am

SPECIAL NOTE: This year, we have reserved this time strictly for the youth who are registered to play in our program, and their family members; we are not open to the public as we previously were. We will also offer pre-packaged snack boxes for purchase instead or regular menu items. The Arcade is temporarily closed due to State orders.

In this program, your child will learn everything from the basics of bowling to “hooking” the ball.  Our program provides certified instruction, bowling and use of shoes. There’s also tournaments to win scholarship money and discounts on bowling equipment. 

Everyone plays!  No one rides the bench!

1st Session: Sept 26-Nov 14

2nd Session: Nov 21-Jan 30

3rd Session: Feb 6-Mar 27

Bumper Program3 games, shoes. Only $8/week
Youth Program3 games, shoes. Only $9/week